Logistics expert warns ‘permanent customs union’ alone would not be enough

An international logistics expert has warned that even a permanent post-Brexit customs union with the EU would not alone mean frictionless trade with the bloc for British businesses.

Mr Johnson, director of Leeds-based Tudor International Freight, explained: “The UK, as a full EU member, is currently part of the bloc’s customs union, covering its constituent countries and some other states.

“A customs union is essentially an arrangement under which nations agree to waive tariffs – import taxes – on goods sent from one member to another. Members also agree to charge common tariffs on items entering their territories from outside countries. Customs unions can take various forms – there are 16 operating globally, their details comprising varying mixes of cross-border integration and national autonomy.”

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Global exporting checklist

With e-commerce sales showing no sign of slowing down, now is the time to start accepting orders from all over the globe. While it’s easy to configure your website to start delivering internationally, a robust global strategy is required for the longer term. It’s important to consider key questions such as your business’ priorities and the cost and speed of delivery.

Many UK regions are working to provide further opportunities for businesses to engage in international trade, it’s becoming simpler for small and medium-sized businesses to go global so be sure to reach out for support. Read more >

Last Mile Delivery: business solutions for you

Last Mile Delivery - Solutions for your businessLast mile delivery is the movement of goods from a transportation hub to their final destination and demands up to 53 per cent of total shipping costs. With e-commerce sales totalling $2.3 trillion worldwide, consumer demand for online purchases are driving growth forward.

Despite the challenges, even the smallest of retailers must compete with the high standards set by global companies, who have made next-day delivery the norm. When it comes to last-mile solutions, and which could be right for your business, there are many options to consider. Read more >

Prepare yourself and your business for spending frenzy!

Not only is Christmas approaching but 3 key dates in the spending calendar hit us in November. Are you ready? Each year the value of online sales goes up and up thanks to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and fast-growing ‘Singles’ Day’ which  originated in China and is now the biggest shopping day on earth.

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Embracing good practice for e-commerce returns

Here are four top tips to increase your customer satisfaction, by perfecting your returns process.

Customer satisfaction with best practice of Online Returns

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Punching above their weight – continued

IFS would like to join UPS as we celebrate small businesses this month. From making rolling pins in a family kitchen to shipping custom-designed fire extinguishers across the Atlantic, discover how these European businesses inspire us with their innovative ideas and drive our economy forward.

There’s nothing small about these small businesses. They’re transforming industries, exporting around the globe, and shaping a new world of work.

Here are four excellent examples of working smart with your logistics:

Example #1: Valek Rolling Pins — Poland

Valek Rolling Pins turned a family tradition into a business for bakers everywhere. See how UPS makes it easy to ship around the world.

Example #2: Fire Design — France

Fire Design hopes for a stylish fire extinguisher in every home. See why they chose UPS for quick, reliable, around-the-world shipping.

Example #3: Vandurit — Germany

Vandurit revolutionizes manufacturing with a small tool that makes a huge difference. See why they chose UPS to protect valuable shipments.

Example #4: Bibentes — Italy

Bibentes offer online wine, which is a rare thing in Italy. Shipping that wine is tricky as each bottle should spend as little time as possible in transit and be properly packed to avoid breakage. Watch the video below (subtitles) to find out why Bibentes chose UPS, one of our preferred partners to protect their wine and build their reputation.

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