Online shoppers expect transparent customer service, especially in the coming season

The countdown to holiday season is officially here, meaning more online shopping, deliveries and returns. Are you ready?

Returns Policy InfoIn this day and age, a glitzy website or a user-friendly app just doesn’t cut it for today’s savvy online shopper. They now demand upfront transparency on fees, control over the delivery process and a clearly-stated returns policy. Are you meeting these demands?

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Christmas delivery tips from DHL, an IFS Partner

Christmass delivery tips from DHL, an IFS PartnerDelivering on time, on target and in one piece is always important. But when it comes to Christmas, everything gets magnified. Increased demand makes life increasingly demanding, so it’s crucial you’re set up for success. Luckily, our top tips for Christmas delivery are here to help you out, as you navigate the peak shopping (and shipping) season. Read more >

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A new vitality in French economics

Things have been tough in the French economy over the last decade. Slow to fight back the economic slump of the Great Recession of the late 2000’s any growth has been slow at best.

Fortunately the tide seems to be turning. With the election of Emmanuel Macron as the new centrist President, a fresh new wave of vigour has swept the French economy.

This new rise of optimism has brought a record stretch of growth for France. E-commerce is growing in particular and businesses would do well to include France as an important market to trade with.

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The changing world of luxury goods

The changing world of luxury goodsThe most important word in luxury right now is sustainability, and this is the key focus of 2019 from fashion to travel and cosmetics to food.

Another trend getting some serious attention is the so-called ‘re-commerce’ market, as people appreciate the value of second-hand treasures. To find out more about these growing trends and the spending power of Gen Y and Z, read on >

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Chambers of Commerce unite to support UK and European business

International Freight Solutions is a proud member of our local Chamber of Commerce: Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce. This links us to businesses near and also far through the connection with the British Chambers of Commerce.

Chambers of Commerce unite to support UK and European businessThe British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe have announced that a new agreement will see further British Chambers of Commerce become part of the BCC’s Global Business Network. This will provide some much needed support for trade between the UK and the continent during this period of uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

At the time it is most needed this move will create connections and support for both UK and European businesses making this a very strategic move. Read the full article here to find out more.


9 ways to be a more effective entrepreneur

become effective entrepreneurEntrepreneurship: it’s partly art and partly science. As your skills improve, you’ll maximise your effectiveness and bring greater value to your business.

To help you on your journey, one of our partner’s: DHL have created an essential guide to entrepreneurial greatness, including: how to take effective steps forward, the value of making quality decisions rapidly – and taking responsibility for those decisions regardless of the outcome.

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