London Gateway is New Port of Call for International Shipping Services connecting with UK

DP WORLD today announces that London Gateway, Britain’s fastest growing container terminal, is now the UK port of call for two new major international shipping services, connecting the economies of Western Europe with the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and Russia.

DP World – the leading provider of smart logistics solutions – has created an integrated business in the UK comprising two deep water ports with freight rail terminals at London Gateway and Southampton, meaning greater flexibility and choice for shipping lines and cargo owners. Read more from Forwarder Magazine article >

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The Forwarding Sector – Remaining strong in changing times

Remaining strong in changing timesThe threat of digitalisation is no threat at all says the Director General of the British International Freight Association (BIFA), Robert Keen.

As Covid-19 accelerates digitalisation there has been fear that traditional freight forwarding may lose its niche in the market. Over the last five years reports have suggested the rise of software start-ups would mean the end for forwarders. But is this really the case? History often repeats itself as the saying goes…

“There’s this idea that if forwarders do not adapt, they will die – but you just need to look back at the sector’s history, it has always adapted. One forwarder I know – a family-owned European firm – has in their archive a letter from a great-grandparent proclaiming the company’s demise with the arrival of rail in the mid-1800s… it’s still going strong.


We keep hearing the usual spin from digital start-ups on how their presence in the sector will lead to the death of traditional forwarders, it’s a load of rubbish. We have strong empirical evidence showing what our members are up to in regards to digital transformation of their role in the supply chain. BIFA members are already developing and delivering technology-led products and services that will meet their customers needs more effectively, enhance their experience and cut their costs.” – Robert Keen

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Scotch whisky’s global success

Scotch whisky’s global success with exports

Scotch whisky, for some, is the very essence of Scotland, rich in history, craftmanship and culture. It’s no wonder that it’s such a booming export taking foreign markets by storm.

Last year Scotch whisky exports were worth £4.7 billion, with more than a billion bottles sent overseas. These considerable sales made up 70 per cent of Scotland’s total food and drink exports, and 21 per cent of the UK’s as a whole. Read more > from this BBC article.

UK exports boom in all 4 nations

New data released by HMRC has shown a rise of goods exports in every UK nation in the 2018/19 financial year. Goods exports from England grew at 3 per cent to £251.9 billion, Scotland at 12.9 per cent to £32.8 billion, Wales at 7.5 per cent to £17.7 billion and Northern Ireland grew at 4.4 per cent to £9.0 billion.

In the first quarter of 2019 there were 110,831 UK businesses across the country exporting goods, an increase of 5,073 compared to the same period last year. There are now more businesses exporting goods in every UK nation than ever before. Read more> 

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