A new vitality in French economics

Things have been tough in the French economy over the last decade. Slow to fight back the economic slump of the Great Recession of the late 2000’s any growth has been slow at best.

Fortunately the tide seems to be turning. With the election of Emmanuel Macron as the new centrist President, a fresh new wave of vigour has swept the French economy.

This new rise of optimism has brought a record stretch of growth for France. E-commerce is growing in particular and businesses would do well to include France as an important market to trade with.

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Strawberry exports up!

In 2018 Britain saw it’s largest ever export of strawberry shipments. This was a 56% leap in export value says HMRC.

A record £3.9 million British strawberries were shipped in 2018. The Netherlands did pretty well too as the largest market, growing by a whopping 361% between 2017 and 2018!

Our International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox remarked:

“As Wimbledon starts, and with the ‘Great British Summer of Sport’ in full swing, I am delighted that Britain’s exporters are serving up a treat, with more people than ever before enjoying classic British strawberries and cream.” Read more in an article at: fruitnet.com >

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Logistics expert warns ‘permanent customs union’ alone would not be enough

An international logistics expert has warned that even a permanent post-Brexit customs union with the EU would not alone mean frictionless trade with the bloc for British businesses.

Mr Johnson, director of Leeds-based Tudor International Freight, explained: “The UK, as a full EU member, is currently part of the bloc’s customs union, covering its constituent countries and some other states.

“A customs union is essentially an arrangement under which nations agree to waive tariffs – import taxes – on goods sent from one member to another. Members also agree to charge common tariffs on items entering their territories from outside countries. Customs unions can take various forms – there are 16 operating globally, their details comprising varying mixes of cross-border integration and national autonomy.”

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