How are freight exports to the EU doing compared to last year?

“The latest available data shows that overall freight volumes are back to their normal levels,” a government spokesman said.

Stenn launches $500 million Covid-19 Recovery ProgramAt the start of the year trade was down sharply, but it is improving. The Cabinet Office says “the outbound flow of lorries across the Short Straits in January was 67% of 2020 levels, and in the first half of February it was 85% of 2020 levels.”

Trade was clearly down in January, but things are getting better as many businesses adjust to the new red tape and costs for trading with Europe.

Covid restrictions have played a big part in the slow start to the trading year as well. There was also significant stockpiling in December, as businesses prepared for the changes with the EU.

For more encouraging statistics and facts, please see the BBC’s article here >

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When face-to-face business goes digital

When face-to-face business goes digitalFrom virtual cooking classes to digital theatre, the pandemic has prompted a rapid growth of the experiential e-commerce sector. In this article, our partners, DHL, explore some of the exciting and innovative ways businesses have pivoted online to survive, and what their long-term futures may be.

The pandemic has affected businesses of every type, all over the world. In this series on Pandemic Culture, DHL took a detailed look at how many offline retailers have begun selling online in order to survive. But for experience-based businesses, the move into the e-commerce arena has been more of a challenge. In this article, we look at how they’ve adjusted.

The global pandemic arrived like an uninvited whirlwind, causing devastation and mayhem on a scale not even the most pessimistic of people could have predicted. Read more >

UK goods exports increase

UK goods exports increaseNew figures released by HMRC this week reveal that 2019 saw a rise in goods exports in all four of the UK’s nations. Exports from England grew by 2%, from Northern Ireland by 2.2%, from Wales by 3% and from Scotland by 4.4%.

An increase of demand from UK goods has been seen from countries outside of the EU. In 2019, the number of businesses exporting goods from the UK to the rest of world totalled 160,400, an increase of 2.6% on 2018. Read more >

UK and Lebanon trade agreement signed

UK and Lebanon sign trade continuity agreementA UK-Lebanon Association Agreement has been signed by both nations, ensuring British businesses and consumers will continue to benefit from preferential trading terms after leaving the European Union.

Trade between the UK and Lebanon was worth £603 million in 2018. Minister for the Middle East and North Africa Dr Andrew Murrison said: “The economic and trade relationship between our two countries holds much potential. I look forward to more British and Lebanese companies doing business with each other.” Read more >

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UK joint statement with Korea

UK joint statement with KoreaThe UK and Korea have signed a joint statement for trade continuity that will allow businesses to keep trading freely even after the UK has left the European Union. This will help to strengthen the trading relationship between the UK and Korea further, which in 2018 was worth £14.6 billion.

International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox commented on the increasing value of trade between the two nations: “Providing continuity in our trading relationship will allow businesses in the UK and Korea to keep trading without any additional barriers, which will help us further increase trade in the years ahead.” Read more > 

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Scottish fish exports make a splash

Scottish fish exports make a splashThe Department for International Trade (DIT) has praised Scotland’s £1 billion fish industry. Latest statistics from HMRC show that goods exports from Scotland grew faster than any other part of the UK in the year to March 2019, now worth £32.8 billion.

In 2018 fish exports from Scotland to China were worth £97 million, China is Scotland’s top destination for fish exports outside of the EU and third largest destination in the world. The USA is the fourth largest destination for Scottish fish, with exports worth £89.5 million last year. Read more >

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