The changing world of luxury goods

The changing world of luxury goodsThe most important word in luxury right now is sustainability, and this is the key focus of 2019 from fashion to travel and cosmetics to food.

Another trend getting some serious attention is the so-called ‘re-commerce’ market, as people appreciate the value of second-hand treasures. To find out more about these growing trends and the spending power of Gen Y and Z, read on >

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Trading with the Rainbow Nation

South Africa is Africa’s most powerful country, with its stock exchange being in the world’s top 20 and is the largest in the continent. Despite a slow economy, South Africa is a middle-income emerging market, with well-developed financial, legal, communications and transport sectors. South Africa’s prospects look good, with e-commerce growing fast.
It’s also a shining example of a country that has overcome division to successfully embrace democracy and stability, and is an excellent springboard into other African markets.

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Could your business grow down under?

Is your business successful in the UK? You could see success in Australia too. Not only do we share the English language but there are also 1.2 million Britons who are permanent residents down under.

Similarities in business and legal practices also point to ease of business. In fact, the World Bank has ranked Australia as the 14th easiest country to do business in. However, there are of course challenges, including the size and distance of the country, but help is at hand.

Read the Department for International Trade’s updated guide to exporting to Australia.

The future is bright and ripe for Export

Trade Secretary Liam Fox delivered an excellent and exciting speech at the British Chambers of Commerce Annual Conference on 8 March. He outlined exactly why our economy is thriving and has the potential to grow phenomenally, despite the doom and gloom forecast in line with Brexit. A key focus was the new opportunities offered by international trade of goods and services.

Bright future for global economyCheck out his full speech here where he outlines some key facts and potential new opportunities for the UK market.

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Selling Overseas: The Benefits

Some tips from our friends at ‘Exporting is Great’ 
Comfortable with your business staying on UK turf. Think again! Confining your business to the domestic market is overlooking huge potential.
  • Exporting actually reduces risk rather than increasing it as UK demand for your service or product is subject to change and you are spreading your service/product over a wider range of customers
  • You are opening your business to more opportunities for profit and exposing yourself to the emerging needs of your market, making for a sharper UK business
  • You are raising your profile internationally
  • Exporting leads to new opportunities for innovation and growth
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Opportunities for Growth in Exporting

85% of companies say exporting has led to a level of growth not otherwise possible.

Bright future for global economy Is it time for you to start thinking creatively about your business? It has the potential for so much more. Demand is high for UK products, new customers are ready and waiting. Trading abroad can improve your profile and profits. Wondering how you can manage the complexity of delivery to overseas markets? Let IFS help you take those next steps, our expertise in freight forwarding may be the key you need.

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