Are you prepared for Brexit?

With the UK Government still negotiating with the EU for the withdrawal from the European Union it is important that you prepare for the possibility of a ‘No Deal Brexit’ to ensure you can continue importing and exporting as efficiently as possible.

There are a number of things that you can do to prepare:

Apply for your EORI number

You will need to apply for a European Union registration and identification number to move goods in or out of the EU. This is required for Customs Clearance. Visit to apply

Duty Deferment account (DAN)

The Duty Deferment scheme allows you to make monthly payments to HMRC for Duty or VAT fees. If you want IFS to arrange your Customs Clearance, you will need to provide authorisation
Commodity codes. You will need to identify the correct commodity code for your goods, this will determine the Duty of that will be applied, thereby making the Customs declaration process much easier

License for your goods

Some goods will require an export license in order to be moved in or out of the EU, therefore you should determine whether your goods require a license prior to its movement

Transitional Simplified Procedures

To avoid delays on UK imports, we highly recommend that businesses apply for Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP)

Commercial Invoice Checklist

For each shipment, a commercial invoice is likely to be required to present when clearing goods through Customs.

> Commodity code(s)
> Customs procedure code
> EORI number
> Incoterm
> Country of origin
> Shipment weight
> Shipment value
> Details of packaging
> Description of goods
> Commercial invoice
> Packing list
> Details of importer
> Details of exporter

Whatever the outcome, as your International freight forwarder, IFS will be here to assist you with any enquiries you may have.

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UK launches Maritime Trade Investment Plan

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss has launched a new strategy to boost trade and investment into the UK’s multibillion-pound maritime sector. The five year plan will focus on digital technologies, green maritime, autonomous vessels, marine science and maritime professional and business services.

The International Trade Secretary said: “Our Trade and Investment 5 Year Plan sets out how we can showcase our global capabilities in maritime technology, science and shipbuilding.” Read more >

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UK and Lebanon trade agreement signed

UK and Lebanon sign trade continuity agreementA UK-Lebanon Association Agreement has been signed by both nations, ensuring British businesses and consumers will continue to benefit from preferential trading terms after leaving the European Union.

Trade between the UK and Lebanon was worth £603 million in 2018. Minister for the Middle East and North Africa Dr Andrew Murrison said: “The economic and trade relationship between our two countries holds much potential. I look forward to more British and Lebanese companies doing business with each other.” Read more >

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UK joint statement with Korea

UK joint statement with KoreaThe UK and Korea have signed a joint statement for trade continuity that will allow businesses to keep trading freely even after the UK has left the European Union. This will help to strengthen the trading relationship between the UK and Korea further, which in 2018 was worth £14.6 billion.

International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox commented on the increasing value of trade between the two nations: “Providing continuity in our trading relationship will allow businesses in the UK and Korea to keep trading without any additional barriers, which will help us further increase trade in the years ahead.” Read more > 

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Scottish fish exports make a splash

Scottish fish exports make a splashThe Department for International Trade (DIT) has praised Scotland’s £1 billion fish industry. Latest statistics from HMRC show that goods exports from Scotland grew faster than any other part of the UK in the year to March 2019, now worth £32.8 billion.

In 2018 fish exports from Scotland to China were worth £97 million, China is Scotland’s top destination for fish exports outside of the EU and third largest destination in the world. The USA is the fourth largest destination for Scottish fish, with exports worth £89.5 million last year. Read more >

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